Best Mountain Bike Rotors

When we ride through slopes of various terrains, nothing comes close to the thrill any rider experiences with going fast. It is without any doubt that finding the right bike rotors to serve the functional needs of any mountain bike is a critical factor, especially when it comes to trail testing on rough terrains. In addition, any mountain bike rotor should be able to provide enough power during the deceleration process and in controlling the skids and grips on your mountain bike. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best bike rotors to accompany the speed needed for any bike terrain:

Mountain Bike Rotors

Shimano XT SM-RT86 Bolt Ice Tech


Shimano XT brakes have been a leading benchmark among various others that offers great value and an easy bleeding process, including a solid performance. More so, Ice tech rotors are well praised for its stopping power, which makes it a suitable mountain bike rotor through various terrains. However, The Shimano XT reveals a heavier weight than most. The RT 66 model offers a decent rotor as well and still fall under the same line of Shimano XT bike rotors with an even cheaper price than the RT86. But with a difference of $20, the RT86 model offers a great value indeed.


Formula CR3


This particular mountain bike rotor is a brand new addition to the market and comes in two models: the CR1 and the CR3. Following the replacement of the RX model, the CR3 rotors offer a decent price and use a Speedlock system that allows an easier internal routing process through a quick disconnect system function. Apart from the introduction of the Speedlock system comes a strong set of advantages as well, specifically the lightest among various other rotors while offering adequate power in its system.

mountain bike rotors

Hope Tech E4


Aesthetically appealing and stunning, the Hope Tech E4 sets a leader in the best mountain bike rotor perfect for loose & muddy terrain. Essentially, a ride through loose and muddy terrain is a difficult course, if the bike rotors used have low modulation or a low power delivery. Most importantly, the function of controlling the deceleration process in terrains of adept levels can be a tough and dangerous course indeed. However, Hope Tech E4 has ascended to be a top notch in class leading modulation. Not to mention, a great deceleration time making the Hope Tech E4 a perfect pick among various mountain bike rotors. Needless to say, a rotor with beautiful machining as this is just an equivalent in price. It is priced relatively higher than most bike rotors, but it’s a highly recommended option for riders looking for aspects such as modulation and power delivery.


While the Formula CR3 leads a core competence of introducing a SpeedLock system in the market, if price determines a big factor before buying a recommended fit for your mountain bike, Shimano never fails to disappoint in a great value offer. However, in an overall contest among the three rotors, the Hope Tech E4 combines modulation, power delivery, and stunning machining built to give the thrill of a ride experience in terrains perfect for your needs.